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Cost Effective Solar Panel Mounting Carport

Short Description:

High strength solar carport mounting brackets system

Cost effective solar powered mounting carport system

Solar Mount structure photovaltaic panel aluminum system

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Essential Details

Wind load: 45m/s

Snow load: 1.4KN/M2

Material: Aluminum 6005-T5 and stainless Steel 304

Installation site: Open Ground

Color: Silver or Customized

Module angle: 0-20 degrees

Certificate: SGS/TUV/Patent

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What a PV Carport is?

● Solar carport are a parking structure where, instead of having a normal roof, it incorporates solar panels.

● This type of structure can be assembled in almost any place, either in the parking space of your house, in the parking of your office or industry, or in any farm that has a space enabled for the parking of vehicles. With a Solar Carport you can achieve a significant reduction in your energy bill as well as providing shade .

● Both commercial and residential, both grid tied and off grid suppliable

● If any questions, SongSolar give you the answer.

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Product Description

With great flexibility ,the solar carport can be applicated for both commercial and residential areas.The whole structure is made of aluminum and

the fastener will be stainless steel .

We offter different design options for both single and double rows of parking. They are suitable for both framed and thin film modules in any size.

Solar carport benefit:

1.Easy Installation:

Parts have been high pre-assembly on factory to save your installation time.

2.Safety and Reliability:

Check and test the structure strictly to against the extreme weather condition.

3.Flexibility and Adjustable:

Smart design reduce the difficulties of the installation on the most conditions.

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Advantages of Solar Carports

● Solar carports offer simplified and economical alternatives to complex and expensive roof mount systems.

● Solar carports Utilize existing parking areas to generate power without sacrificing valuable real estate.

● By utilizing Parking areas in addition to existing building roofs solar carports can vastly increase the overall energy production of your solar project.

● Permanent solar trellis and solar carports systems require little to no maintenance and allow easy access to panels for service and repair.

● Solar carports provide shaded or covered parking for auto

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