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home module kit price 3kw 5kw 10kw 12kw 10kva 20kw panel set 100kw pv power solar energy off grid solar generator system

Short Description:

Home style, fashionable appearance

Plug and play interface, quick installation

Stackable battery packs, flexible capacity extension

Clean energy generation for self-use and reduce carbon emissions

Charge in daytime and discharge at night peak hours,reduce electricity bill cost

APP monitoring, manage and control household energy in real-time

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1. All Systems have an LCD digital display that allows you to see the system working, (eg) Charge data, System voltage, Daily power consumption, and temperature.

2. All type of BPS system both has AC and DC output.

3. All systems have the automatic switch, If the mains power goes off the system will switch automatically over to battery power,When the mains power resumes the system will switch back automatically. The batteries will resume recharging automatically.

4. All inverters are Pure Sine Wave inverters. This allows the use of Air Conditioners and refrigerators without any problem.

5. Each component has a single chip detector. Assembled by the IPM or IGBT of Mitsubishi. This protects the system from Overloads,Low Voltage and Under Voltage (alarm) Over Heating, Short circuit, Reverse Polarity.

6. Your system can be updated very easily. Just by adding extra components, your system will increase power capacity.

7. Battery optional, you can purchase from us or locally.

8. Simple to install, just follow installation instructions.

9. Our System offers Cutting Edge Technology, State of the Art Quality with Greater Functionality than our competitors, at Competitive prices.

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Solar Panels

>25 years Warranty
>Highest conversion efficiency of 19.2%
>Anti-reflective and anti-soiling surface power loss from dirt and dust
>Excellent mechanical load resistance
>PID Resistant,High salt,and ammonia

Solar Inverter

>Pure sine wave output
>Four step AVR
>Wide input voltage range:90-280V
>Protection against overload,short-circuit,overvoltage,under-voltage,etc.

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Solar Controller

>MPPT Strategy
>Specialized in solar design
>Display real-time power generation andcurrent
>Perfect protection function

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Solar Batteries

>Superior Gel technology

>10+years design life in float service

>Recharged after being over-discharged

>600+times at 80%DOD cycle

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Mounting  structure

>Residential Roof(Pitched Roof)

>Commercial Roof(Flat roof&workshop roof)

>Ground Solar Mounting system

>Vertical wall solar mounting system

>All aluminum structure solar mounting system

>Car parking solar mounting system

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>PV Cable 4mm2 6mm2

>AC&DC Combine box

>AC Cable

>DC Switches

>AC&DC Breaker

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