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48V 50Ah,100Ah,200Ah wall mount storage Lithium Battery

Short Description:

Advanced lithium iron technology.

Deep Cycle Battery.

The lifespan is 8-10 times longer than standard lead-acid batteries.

30% lighter than lead-acid batteries;

Fast battery charging.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Battery Lifepo

Technical Specifications






Storage capacity





Cell type

Lithium iron phosphate

Standard discharge current


Maximum discharge current


Working voltage range


Standard Voltage


Maximum charging current


Maximum charging voltage


Suggested  DOD  model

DOD   80%

IP level


Max in parallel



Default: RS485/RS232/CAN optional WiFi/4G/ Bluetooth

Cooling method

Natural cooling

Working temperature


Storage environment temperature


Working humidity



DOD 80% 2000~3000 cycle 5Years

Solar Lifepo4 Battery

Wall mount series adopts high-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries, equipped with intelligent BMS battery management system, long cycle life, high safety performance, beautiful appearance, free combination and convenient installation.LCD display, visualization of battery operating data. Compatible with most solar inverters, providing efficient energy for photovoltaic off-grid households,commercial and other electrical equipment

Wall mounted Series must be hung on the cement wall or brick wall. The wall must have a load-bearing capacity that meets the batter standard. It is forbidden to hang on the wooden wall. Determine the installation position according to the hole position of the bracket, fix the expansion screws on the wall, and then install the The bracket is fixed to the wall and then the battery is fixed on the wall through the slot of the bracket

Lithium Batteries For Solar Panels
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Lifepo4 400ah

After-sales warranty regulations

1. Product Warranty

The battery pack consists of photovoltaic inverters integrated with energy storage lithium batteries, and these modules are dedicated to the performance of the battery modules guaranteed for five years from the date o f product manufacture.This warranty does not cover any accessories and tool kits provided with the product.This warranty only covers the repair or replacement of defective products. We will repair or replace the product (if the product is defective and returned within the warranty period). Repaired or replaced products will continue for the remainder of the original warranty period. n either case, it should not be used as a reason to renew the warranty period.

2. Warranty conditions

Warranties relating to products apply only in the following cases1. Purchased from our company or our authorized dealer.2. Have an official serial number:

3. Install, operate and maintain according to the "Product Manual".

4. For daily use, use photovoltaic (PV) energy storage at 80% depth of dis charge.

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