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800W Flexible panel balcony solar power energy storage solar system for home

Short Description:

Mobility, not limited by the site

Does not occupy indoor space

Provide sustainable and stable power supply for home and office.

Make full use of the sunlight resources on the balcony.

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Product Parameters



Flexible panel3


Open Circuit Voltage-Voc[V]:24.3  
Short Circuit Current-lsc[A]:6.59 
Max Power Voltage-Vm[V]: 19.8     
Max Power Current-lm[A]: 6.06      


Material:ETFE+New Material

Flexible panel4


Peak AC Output Power (Wp) :800     
Rated AC Output Power (Wp):768/700/750   Nominal Power Grid Voltage (Vac):240/208/230                 Nominal Frequency (Hz) :60/50



Flexible panel5

cable tie 7.9X400mm




Flexible panel6

5M Power Line




Flexible panel7
Flexible panel8

● Made of PET material, ultra-thin lamination, new technology leads to innovation!

● Compared to other solar panels, our conversion rate is higher. So when you go out and need, just charge the solar panel for a few minutes to store enough power for your power station.

● Lighter and softer than other aluminum frames and glass solar panels, it can be installed on any curved or flat surface. Easy to carry and transport.

● The four corners of the panel are pre-drilled, which can be quickly fixed and installed in any position and angle you want.

● The solar panel is waterproof and can withstand all kinds of inclement weather, perfect for outdoor use. The plate can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes without damaging the product.

Flexible panel9
Flexible panel10
Flexible panel11

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